The bookend

The final part the plans has you do in Chapter 3 (the 'practice' chapter), is a bookend. A lot of work goes into this bookend; but it is intended to give the builder practice with all the types of methods and procedures he or she will experience throughout the build. It is not intended for ease of construction.

So let's begin - first you have to glue two 1" urethane boards together (since I was cheap and did not purchase a 2" urethane board). That is cut to dimension and glued onto it's 1" base to form an 'L'. Notice I prepped my cloth in the back.

I then slurried the foam and prepped for glass. Notice the edge fillet. This is done with dry micro to allow the glass to bend around the inside corner. Fiberglass doesn't like sharp 90 degree bends. Then you get air bubbles, dilaminations, etc.

After the front face is glassed, it is knife trimmed all around. Then wait for a full cure.

I then cut the foam as indicated in the plans.

Notice the line of micro about halfway down the book end. This is because I used micro to join the 1" urethane to give me the 2" thickness I needed. The urethane is so easy to sand that it was difficult to sand this line down without getting the urethane first. Anyhow, I did the best I could and moved on. 

Here I am applying the back side layups. Notice the Long-EZ picture inserted just prior to the last ply.

 The glass is then knife trimmed. After a full cure, the bottom 1" urethane gets chopped off. The exposed fiberglass gets sanded dull. A 1/4" bead of flox goes around the bottom lip. The final bottom plies get glass on.  

After knife trimming and a full cure, the bookend is ready for use! Of course, I had to go and show off my fluid mechanics book ;)