The flat layup

The flat layup is a basic 6-ply rectangle using BID (bi-directional fiberglass cloth). After it has cured, it is cut to size and weighed on a digital scale. It should be between 10.5 and 12.5 oz. Anything more than 12.5 oz means you did not squeegee out enough resin; less than 10.5 oz probably indicates you did not apply enough resin and might have dry spots or air bubbles. 11 oz means you did it just right.

Here I am setting up for my very first layup! I have my digital scale in place, calculator to figure out the correct ratio of resin to hardener. I also precut the fiberglass cloth.

This was the first layer. Notice the wax paper underneath to prevent the resin from sticking to my table.

Here is a picture after a few layers.

A close up of the last layer.

Here is the cured rectangle. Notice the edges are all messy. This happens as you 'wet out' the resin towards the outside.

After a full cure, I drew the rectangle as indicated in the plans and cut it using my band saw. The band saw is perfect for cutting straight clean cuts. It went through the cured 6-layer fiberglass like butter!

Here is the finished rectangle! After weighing it using my digital scale, it came in at 10.1 oz. I didn't see any air bubbles, so I can't explain why it is so light. Perhaps they improved the weight properties of resin over the years? In any case, it is not that far off from the 10.5 oz lower limit so I'm happy with it!