Applying BID tape to bottom corners

Now that the floor was bonded to the fuselage, it was time to apply BID tape to the sides - the same way the bulkheads received their BID tape.

Here I am cutting a bunch of strips - remember, BID tape is cut at 45 degrees. Each BID tape layup is composed of two plies.

I used the same prepreg method as with the bulkheads. Each BID tape layup is composed of two plies.

Prior to installing the prepreg BID tape, I brushed on some epoxy directly onto the mating surface. Notice how the surface was prepped beforehand (sanded dull and bottom longeron cleaned).

Here I am removing the plastic as the prepreg BID gets installed in place.

I then spackled some epoxy with a brush onto the BID tape and removed any air bubbles. Lastly, peel ply was installed to assure a nice transition between the fuselage wall, floor and BID tape.  

Forward section...

Middle section (pilot section)....

 Aft section (passenger section)...

This process was then repeated for the other side.

::I will post pictures of the BID tape that transitions the seats with the floor later::

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