Right wing - foam cores

As I mentioned in the overview, I purchased my foam cores from Eureka CNC. I must reiterate what an amazing job they do at creating magnificent wing cores. The craftsmanship is flawless.

Be prepared to spend some time sorting through all the boxes. It took me two full days in the garage to unpack all the foam and lay everything out. Luckily, I have a shed where I can store the left wing cores while I work on the right wing. Plan for plenty of storage space - you'll need it!

Eureka does a good job at labeling the pieces, but still takes a long time to group the left wing pieces from the right wing pieces, the left winglet from the right winglet, etc.

Another point to mention, Eureka splits each of the FC sections a little different than the original plans. They do a great job at providing a drawing to show how each piece fits together (available on their website):

The idea is that after you bond everything together, you still end up with FC1 through FC5 per the original plans:

To summarize:

FC1 is made up of RW1 through RW3.
FC2 is made up of RW6 and RW7.
FC3 is made up of RW10 through RW12.
FC4 is made up of RW4 and RW5.
FC5 is made up of RW8, RW9 and RW13.

Before bonding anything, I made sure all the pieces fit nicely together and verified measurements. All looked great!

The plans have you start by setting up the jig - but that would use up valuable workspace. So I started out by bonding each FC section. 

Here is FC4: made up of RW4 and RW5.

I stuck toothpicks to keep things from moving while it cured.

FC 4 complete:

Here is FC3: made up of RW10 through RW12.

Here is FC5: made up of RW8, RW9 and RW13.

Bonding FC1: made up of RW1 through RW3.

FC1 complete:

FC2 is made up of RW6 and RW7.

FC2 complete:

For some sections, I need something stronger than toothpicks - so I used screws to really clamp the sections together. The screws will be removed after cure and the holes will be filled with dry micro prior to skinning the surface.

All FC sections are now complete! Note that I have not bonded the FC sections together just yet. This is done using the jigs later on. Here is a shot of the leading edge sections (section FC4 and FC5) and the aft cores (section FC1, FC2 and FC3).

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