CN1 Bushings and installing the canard

Home stretch of the canard install!

It was now time to match drill the F22 with the canard lift tabs. Started out by clamping the canard in place and rechecking incidence and alignment.

 Happy with the canard's alignment and position, it was go-time! I used the flex extension bit to get in the tight space and drilled away!

I then uninstalled the canard and got the 5/8" counterbore bit.

Using the 1/4" pilot hole, I drilled through the F22 bulkhead! No pressure or anything...

I then inserted the CN1 bushings...

It was now time to trim them to proper length...

I marked them...

And now needed to trim them.. but how?!

 I took a 2x1 and drilled a 5/8" hole through the side...

This allowed me to insert the bushing in and take it to the bandsaw! The pic below is shown with the wing attach bushings, but I cut the CN1 canard bushings the same way.



 The bandsaw was used for a rough trim... I then used a metal file to fine tune it to length.

I then reinserted the bushings and reinstalled the canard.

I used AN4-15A bolts (since I had more padding on the F22) and a regular washer and MS21042 nuts for now. I tried making the AN970-4 washer / K1000-4 nutplate assembly, but since the K1000-4 rivet holes are extremely close to the edges of the washer, most builders make a nutplate out of aluminum. I'll save this task for another time.

The canard is now ready for elevator work!

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