F22 and doubler

The infamous F22 bulkhead... here I go... H-250 type foam (1/4" thick).

 I started out by tracing the F22 (or 'the batman bulkhead' as my girlfriend Elle' likes to call it) outline and cut the edges.

I went ahead and cut the doubler using the leftover edge of the foam board.

I cut the leg cutouts and cut the doubler to size. I did not glue the doubler on just yet (since 2 plies BID goes under the doubler onto the F22 face first. 

 I slurried the foam and applied 2 plies of BID. I then slurried the doubler and positioned it into place. I then applied 2 plies BID over the doubler.

I then knife trimmed and allowed to cure.

I then flipped the F22 bulkhead over and prepped it for glass.

I then glassed the entire bulkhead with 2 plies BID. Aaaaaand then the real fun began! 9 plies (5 UND, 4 BID alternating sandwich) on the left side and another 9 on the right side. I had the 'Florida' patterns of these 18 plies pre-cut. Here is the picture of the right side reinforcement 9 plies applied.

And as the sun was setting... the left side for its 9 plies. I only used peel-ply on the 'ramps'. I knew I would have to go back and sand the edges later so I didn't bother peel-plying the complete side edge.

After a full cure, I trimmed the edges using the vibrating multi-tool. Cutting through the 11 plies (the 2 original BID plies plus the 9 reinforcement plies) was no easy task! But with a little patience and a little sweat, all edges were trimmed.

I then used my router table to trim all edges flush. I don't know what I would do without this tool! It trimmed the edges perfectly smooth and right up against the foam edge, perfectly flush.

Here's a close up of this thing in action. And yes, I wore a whole body cover all, the best respirator on the market, and any other layer I could use to protect every square inch of my body! You do NOT want this stuff getting on your skin or in your lungs!

The finished product!

Here are a bunch of close ups detailing the F22 bulkhead. Notice the 'ramp' of the 9 ply reinforcement.

The doubler...

The bottom corner. Notice the 'ramp' of the 9 ply reinforcement.

Another shot of the doubler...

Doubler center section...