Instrument panel

I started out with a 0.25" thick high density H-250 Divinycell foam board.

Traced the outline and cut per plans.

The plans say "do not cut your instrument holes out just yet". It's not clear whether this refers to the actual circular holes for your instruments, or ANY holes (leg cutouts, maps pockets, etc.) I figured there was no harm to precut the leg cutouts now. Only risk involved is that the fiberglass would sag a little while doing the layups. So I proceeded by removing the leg cutouts now. Also, notice the small plywood insert located at the bottom center.

I slurried the foam and then applied two layers of BID. I then added the third ply of BID above the leg cutouts.

I then knife trimmed everything and waited for a full cure.

Here is the forward face of the bulkhead.

Since I did not have time to knife trim the bulkhead, I waited for a full cure and trimmed with the vibrating multi tool.

I then used the router table to trim up to the foam edge. Details of how I used the router can be seen in the F28 bulkhead section.

And there you have it... an instrument panel complete! Of course, it will need more work to actually install instruments (support brackets, aluminum face for eye candy, etc.)